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Saturday, July 13, 2013


I love remodeling it is one of my many hobbies. We remodeled our 1/2 bath because it was plain, outdated and boring. I can't say that now. Here are some of our before pictures.
Yes there was a pedestal sink on that wall but we removed it before I got in a couple pics. All the fixtures in this house are the 1980's gold and I'm slowly getting rid of it. I HATE GOLD!!! My hubby picked out the paint and he did a fabulous job. We are so happy with the work . 
We added wainscoting around the bottom half of the walls, shelving and a towel bar above the toilet. We found an awesome switch plate that also has wainscoting look to it. We also decided on the brush nickle finish. Again, very happy with the end result. It is probably the most used bathroom. 

Adding some decorations finally.

Then the girls bathroom. I haven't remodeled this bathroom yet but it is in the near future and I will update when we do. For this bathroom I found the cutest shower curtain and my imagination was taken from there. 
I decided on a ballerina pink for the walls and a "Tres Chic" theme. Again I brought in the elements of Paris, the fashion capital of the world. 
I made the silhouettes and the hair bow holder. I love being able to add my own work to my projects. Most of the time it is less costly than store bought. 

 I just had to add a chandelier to this bathroom. It was a pain to make but well worth it. I bought it from Ikea and it only comes in brushed nickle but I wanted most of the fixture black in this bathroom. So I had to disassemble this and there were many pieces then put it all back together with out scratching any of the black off. Then we had to make sure it was fitted to ceiling. What another pain but worth it.
 Again I made the silhouettes and hair bow holder on the walls. I love them!!!!

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