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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Wreaths Galore!

Oh how I love to make wreaths. I have made too many to count. I will upload pictures of just some of the ones that I have made. I give many of them away but I also use them for my house. I hope you enjoy seeing them.

Sorry about the quality of some of the photos. Many were taken with my phone or iPad.

Many of the wreaths I make are from foam wreaths and yarn with decals for decorations.
 Patriotic Wreath

 Spring Wreath

 A wreath I made for "S" old room
 Christmas wreath with 3 types of ribbon & a bell in the middle. 
 Another Christmas wreath.
 I pretty wreath I made with hand rolled felt roses.
 A wreath I made for "K" old room.
 Halloween Wreath

Summer Wreath

Then there are wreaths that I have made using the straw wreath. These are harder for me to do only because I like my yarn to lay nice and neat and pretty and when you use the straw wreaths, even with the plastic left on, the straw tends to poke through and you have to over lap the yarn. I like how thick the straw wreaths are and the fact that they are some what cheaper.
Fall wreath with hand rolled felt roses.
 Wreath for my niece.
Wreath for my nephew.

Then I have made wreaths with the wire wreath frames. These are fun as well. 
 This is a Thanksgiving wreath I made using tulle and ribbon. I cut the tulle about 2 feet long and then looped it around the wire frame. I added a plaque in the middle with our last names and hand painted some leaves on there. I added ribbon for the legs and orange foam for the feet. 
Easter wreath with Easter grass and plastic eggs with ribbon. I put hot glue on the wire frame and then laid the grass on there. Once that was done then hot glued the plastic eggs on. Then add a bow. 

I have also made wreaths using cross stitch loop. 
I made this for my classroom but this was before I added more decorations. 

I found a picture of one grape vine wreaths I made.

I hope you enjoy making wreaths as much as I do. Thanks for visiting. 

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