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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Front Yard

Hello again, we had a decent front yard when we moved it but we had to spruce it up with black mulch. It looks so pretty here. This was like 2 months after we moved in. Lots of black mulch. By the mail box, under the dogwood tree, under our bay window, and then all on the right hand side of our yard, which made it a rather small grass area. Then we found out we have rabbits, squirrels, and deer who loved our beautiful flowers so they didn't last very long. Oh they were so beautiful.

 This past spring we decided that is wasn't worth spending $400 a year to re-mulch our entire yard. We had to re-mulch in the fall because all of these beautiful trees lost all of their leaves and then again in late Spring after all our gorgeous flowering trees shed their petals. So we decided to put in more sod. To do this we had to build tree rings around our dogwood and Japanese maple trees. Then the 1000+ sq. ft. area on our right hand side of our yard was half mulch & half, much hated and despised, Kudzu. I despise that stuff because you have to pull it up if you want it to die because nothing kills it. We also had to build a wall where holly bushes were and we planted roses and calla lilies.

Here are some during photos.

There here are the nearly finished products. It took a total of 2 entire weekends and that is including working in the rain. We just need our bench by the bay window to finish the product.

 We are so happy with the finished project and have been enjoying it for the last couple months.

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